Apple emailed me on Friday asking me how I’ve been enjoying my Apple Vision Pro. Here is what I wrote to the company.

Apple: Tell us why you’re not satisfied with your Apple Vision Pro.

Me: My main problem with Apple Vision Pro is its lack of content. Plain and simple, there is not much to do with it. I bought it because part of my job is to write about technology, but I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t have that motive. Apple Vision Pro, a few months later, suffers from a lack of a use case. Everyone knows what to do with their iPhone, Mac, or iPad — but Apple Vision Pro? You might watch a movie, play a game or two, or fiddle around with the operating system, visionOS. But it’s restricted computing-wise in the same way the iPad is, which makes it impossible to use as a Mac replacement; it’s not sharable in the same way a TV is; and it’s not even nearly as easy to use as the iPad or iPhone, both of which can be used just by picking them up and tapping the screen.

Apple Vision Pro, from the get-go, is complicated to use. You have to ensure it has enough charge to use it since it doesn’t have very good standby battery life, then connect the battery, adjust the strap, place it on your head, adjust your hair, adjust the strap again, ensure it fits well, then unlock it and begin using it. For all of that to be worth it, there needs to be a seriously compelling reason to put it on. If something can be done 90 percent as enjoyably with an iPad or iPhone, most people — including myself — will just use that over Apple Vision Pro. Each time I use it, it’s a game of calculus: Is it worth it to do all this for the 10 percent of joy I’ll get?

What Apple wants people to think is that Apple Vision Pro does more than a traditional computer — not that Apple Vision Pro does what a traditional computer does but better. In practice, Apple Vision Pro does what a normal computer or mobile device does — but exponentially worse. Not only is it a hassle to use most of the time, but its software — based on iPadOS — functions in the same crippled ways iPadOS does. And with the lack of enthusiasm from third-party developers, the product is even more lackluster.

None of this is to say Apple Vision Pro is a lackluster product — it clearly isn’t. Every time I use it, I generally enjoy my time fiddling with new applications and experiences. But Apple sells many computers in various form factors, and most of those devices do the job of Apple Vision Pro just good enough that it’s not worth the effort to wear the headset most of the time. This is a solvable problem: Just make more content. Apple needs to incentivize third-party developers to make more experiences, produce more content itself, and improve the software experience to make computing better. For example, multitasking is impossible on visionOS, even though the inherent nature of Apple Vision Pro could make it a more capable Mac with an infinite amount of screen space. Why is using windows such a hassle on visionOS when they could be spectacular on this revolutionary spatial computer?

I particularly enjoyed the Major League Soccer highlight reel published in March and some of the other Apple-made immersive videos available through the TV app on visionOS. There should be much, much more of that kind of content available for paying subscribers. I know Apple has enthusiasm for this product, but looking at visionOS does not make that apparent.

Apple: What types of video content are you most interested in watching on Apple Vision Pro?

Me: Immersive video content, such as the MLS soccer highlight reel, available to all Apple Vision Pro users. Flat, 2D content isn’t as appealing because other devices can view it just fine, but immersive content is absolutely outstanding.

Apple: What one thing, if anything, would you add to or change about Apple Vision Pro?

Me: Make it lighter. The weight adds so much discomfort to using the product. It’s hard to use while lying down, uncomfortable while perfectly upright, and moderately uncomfortable while in a slightly reclined position — which is currently the most advisable way to use it. It rests on the cheeks and forehead evenly, but also terribly. It’s fatiguing to use for long periods of time. It needs to be lighter.